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BMW 5-Series Offers Unrivaled Performance

‘Business Person’s Sedan’ Offers Plenty of Thrills

Known as the business person’s sedan for its level of sophistication and refined design, the BMW 5-Series also offers drivers a phenomenal experience on the road. BMW says the 5-Series is “turbocharged sophistication.” The properly-equipped 5-Series sedan bolts from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds, or about the time it takes the guy in the next lane over to pick his jaw up off the floor. BMW cars didn’t get the name “Ultimate Driving Machine” by accident. The BMW 5-Series is another example of a sedan that does double duty as a superior handling vehicle masquerading as a sophisticated luxury car. Experience the phenomenon for yourself with a test drive at Chapman BMW on Camelback.

iDrive 6.0 Helps Keep Track of Important Stuff

Whether you’re looking for that one track of music that sets the mood for a road trip or need to find your way to the best barbecue joint in Arizona, BMW’s new iDrive 6.0 is the system that makes controlling all the new technology in your 5-Series a snap. The controller in the center console is the key to moving quickly through the menus, with buttons assigned to the four most common functions: navigation, telephone, radio and CD. Programmable buttons let you key in the most commonly used features, whether those are your favorite stations, telephone numbers or points on a map. An enhanced voice recognition system also lets you access a number of functions without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Lightweight Chassis Integrates With Powerful Engine Choices

Whether you choose the 530i with its remarkably powerful 4-cylinder engine or the 540i with the 3.0L inline 6-cylinder motor that pumps out 335 horsepower and a back cracking 332 pound feet of torque, the BMW 5-Series is engineered to provide a premium and fun driving experience. The chassis and body of the 5-Series is built with lightweight aluminum, magnesium and high-strength steel, designed to deliver awesome acceleration as well as diverting energy away from the cockpit in the event of a crash. It all comes together in a premium vehicle that handles well as you go through life’s paces, whether that’s during a daily commute or a weekend exorcism of some wild oats.

xDrive Delivers More Control

If you frequently drive through inclement weather, consider adding the xDrive to your new BMW 5-Series. xDrive is the intelligent four-wheel drive solution BMW uses to make sure each wheel has the necessary traction. See the entire 5-Series inventory and pick the one that’s right for you by taking a visit to Chapman BMW on Camelback.

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