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BMW Sales Setting Records Across Globe

Follows Sixth Straight Banner Year

With 2016 in the books as a sixth-straight record setting sales year for BMW, the company has gotten off to its best start every in January by delivering 163,288 vehicles in all parts of the world. That’s an almost 7 percent increase from last January, boding well for the company and Chapman BMW on Camelback as the year progresses. “We’ve started the year well, building on the success of 2016,” according to BMW board member Dr. Ian Robertson. “We’re confident that the new models we’re bringing to market this year, especially the new generation BMW 5 Series which is about to arrive in dealerships, will ensure further momentum as the year goes on. We continue to focus on profitability and sustainable levels of growth distributed around the world.”

BMW Brand Leads the Way

BMW is the parent company of BMW automobiles, along with the Mini Cooper and Rolls Royce. Of the three, BMW had the greatest increase in sales this January, upping last year’s mark by 7.2 percent. The X1 compact SUV had the greatest increase in sales, jumping up more than 40 percent with sales totaling 20,059 units. The ultra luxury 7-Series was redesigned last year, contributing to an almost 30 percent increase in sales. The BMW electrified group also had a huge jump, with sales of the i and iPerformance line rising 116 percent. New electrified vehicle brands are coming this year, promising an even greater sales increase.

Electrified Vehicles Post Strong 2016 Sales

With more than 62,000 electrified vehicles delivered in 2016, the future looks bright for the BMW i and iPerformance lineup. Currently with seven different electrified models, BMW has committed more resources to alternative energy solutions than any other automaker. “The addition of new models has clearly driven up our sales of these innovative vehicles and we are delighted to see the 100,000th electrified BMW hit the road in November 2016,” Dr. Robertson said. “2016 also underlined that electro-mobility grows fastest in markets which actively support the uptake of the technology by offering the right blend of both customer incentives and public charging infrastructure.”

BMW Teaming Up For Self-Driving Car Project

The success of the sales division means BMW has the resources to look toward the future. The company is teaming up with Intel and Mobileye to put a fleet of 40 autonomous vehicles on the road by the second half of this year. The technology already available in the inventory at Chapman BMW on Camelback is the first stepping stone to creating a self-driving car that addresses the mobility problems of the next few years.

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