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Let Sporty Z4 Liberate Your Lifestyle

Let it be the Wind Beneath Your Wings

Envision this scenario: It’s a sunny spring day in Arizona and you decide to go for a drive in the mountains. You sit in your new BMW Z4 Roadster and turn the key. The engine rumbles to life. After fastening your seatbelt, you drop the top and get out on the highway. You feel the power as you shift through the gears while enjoying the sun on your arms and forehead. The wind is cool, but not as cool as you as you maneuver through the congestion on the Valley freeways and hit the open road. Once there, it’s only you, the sun and the wind as you put your Z4 through its paces. All that’s standing between you and this idyllic situation is a trip to Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Iconic Z4 Outshines the Competition

There may be cheaper roadsters on the market, but none outshine the performance and driveability of the BMW Z4. With a hardtop that can go up or down in as little as 19 seconds, you can choose to let mother nature in on your drive or keep her an arm’s distance away. The beauty of the Z4 design is only overshadowed by its legendary performance. Whether you choose the sDrive 28i with a 4-cylinder turbo that produces 240 horses, the 35i with a 6 cylinder that pumps out 300 horsepower, or the 35is with direct injection that increases low-end torque, you’ll find the Z4 has plenty of pep for whatever challenges you want to tackle. Combined with near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution, the rear wheel drive system of the Z4 provides increased traction as the thrust moves all the weight rearward.

Don’t Sacrifice Performance for Comfort

There are some sports cars that are fun to drive, but leave you feeling like you’ve been through the tumble dry cycle at the local laundromat. The Z4 isn’t one of those cars. The cabin is so comfortable you might just want to spend the night. Luxurious leather seats and sophisticated appointments are what owning a premium vehicle are all about. The circular cluster of instruments is classic BMW, putting all the vehicle information you’ll need within easy sight. Although the base stereo is excellent, opt for the premium sound package and you’ll find yourself bathed in concert quality sound with an amplifier that’s adjustable to your specifications. See how special the BMW Z4 is to drive by taking a trip to Chapman BMW on Camelback.  It’s an excellent way to increase the joy factor in your life.

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