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BMW 2-Series Earns Technology Satisfaction Award

Study Measures Driver’s Experience With Car Tech

Both the 2016 BMW 2-Series and 4-Series were tops among driver satisfaction with new technology, according to a survey conducted by JD Power. Surveys reflect customer satisfaction, or lack thereof, with six different categories of technology: Smartphone Mirroring, Driving Assistance, Navigation, Entertainment and Connectivity, Comfort and Convenience, and Collision Protection. BMW’s two awards dominated the premium car category, proving that the automaker is on the forefront of making technology work for consumers. See the latest technological marvels the company has to offer by taking a trip to Chapman BMW on Camelback.

BMW Navigation Makes Travel Easier

The all-new iDrive 5.0 system has a large 8.8-inch display to let drivers easily see routes, destinations and trouble spots. The maps are updated often to give you the very latest data. The system also offers an optional Wi-Fi hotspot to let you stream music and keep your passengers connected while you’re on the road. Wireless phone charging capability means you’ll never have to hunt for a cable again to keep your phone operating smoothly.

Driving Assistant Helps Avoid Collision

One of the ground-breaking technologies pioneered by BMW is the Driving Assistant, which both warns drivers of an impending collision and then takes some action if the driver fails to respond. Lane Departure Warning, for example, is able to read lane markings and then vibrate the steering wheel to alert the driver if the vehicle starts to drift at high speeds. Both the Approach and Person warning are triggered if a vehicle or person is in your path. A light is the first indicator, followed by an audible alarm. If the driver still doesn’t brake, the vehicle will do the job for you. Other technology helps you park in crowded spaces and back up without running over the kids’ toys.

Hidden Tech Improves Handling

BMWs are not called the “Ultimate Driving Machine” for nothing. There’s a lot of engineering going on that most drivers will never even notice, unless they try and drive a less expensive car as aggressively as their BMW 2-Series. BMW Dynamic Stability control keeps your car locked onto the road as if it were on rails, giving you the gift of powering through corners like a rock star. The technology behind BMW’s smooth-shifting 8-speed automatic transmission lets you take full advantage of the vehicle’s power without wasting an ounce of torque. Head to Chapman BMW on Camelback today and see why the new BMW 2-Series is the talk of the tech world.

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