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Compact Crossover Turns Errands Into Adventures

Gone are the days when soccer moms and dads piled everyone into the station wagon for the boring ride to practice or a game. BMW has incorporated the fun back into driving with its crossover lineup of X vehicles, none of which is more of a blast to drive than the all-wheel drive BMW X3 xDrive28i. Some crossover vehicles fit the definition by providing fold-down seats and hatchback lids, but the BMW X division goes farther by delivering the same thrilling driving experience as the company’s sport sedans. From the unmistakable kidney grille to the iconic logo on the rear lid, these are very bit as much of an Ultimate Driving Machine as any other vehicle in the BMW lineup. See how special the X3 xDrive is by taking a ride at Chapman BMW on Camelback.

xDrive Provides Ability to Go Anywhere, Anytime

BMW’s technologically-advanced xDrive all-wheel drive system not only gives you the ability to go off-road, it also keeps you safe when inclement weather strikes. By constantly monitoring the traction of all four wheels, xDrive delivers power immediately to the point that will help you stay in control if your tires start to slip. The system is designed to give more power to the rear wheels, which will provide the best traction and handling in all types of conditions. The even power distribution and BMW’s legendary 50/50 weight alignment also provides drivers with a nimble ability to power through corners and delivers a very sporty drive.

Inline 4-Cylinder Delivers Plenty of Power

The X3 xDrive 28i is powered by a TwinPower turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine that produces 240 peak horsepower. That’s enough to power the X3 to a thrilling 6.2 second time in the race from 0 to 60 mph. Driving Dynamics Control lets you switch between driving modes, tuning up the suspension and throttle for more aggressive handling or backing off for normal driving. Auto start and stop, stability control, hill descent control and anti-roll stabilizer bars in the front and rear are also standard.

Interior Designed for Comfort

When you buy a BMW X3, you expect a certain level of luxury and comfort. The x3 xDrive28i does not disappoint. Features such as an 8-way adjustable power front seat for both driver and passenger, walnut wood trim and plush SensaTec upholstery will remind you every day of why you bought a BMW. Memory features help you keep your climate control and seats just where you want them, while a power tailgate is handy when you have your hands full of groceries and can’t reach for the key fob. The audio system delivers symphonic sound through 9 speakers powered by a 205-watt amplifier. See all the features for yourself and find out why BMWs are called the Ultimate Driving Machines with a visit today to Chapman BMW on Camelback.

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‘Apex Predator’ of Luxury Performance Vehicles

In days gone by people had their choice of having a really fast sports car that required a trip to the chiropractor after a tough run, or a giant boat that rode like a marshmallow on a cloud, but threatened to go into another zip code if you went too fast around a turn. Those days are now history with the introduction of the 2017 BMW Alpina xDrive, the luxury performance car that delivers the best of both worlds. During testing on a European track, BMW took the Alpina to 205 mph on a straightaway. The Alpina B7 xDrive is the cream of the crop, standing at the summit of BMW’s flagship 7-Series lineup. Contact your Phoenix BMW dealer, Chapman BMW on Camelback to arrange for a test drive of the new Alpina today.

Alpina Model Features Specially Tuned Engine

The Alpina B7 xDrive comes with a twin turbocharged V8 that includes some special Alpina features to deliver a whopping 600 horsepower. Along with modified turbochargers to deliver more oxygen, the Alpina engine has a model-specific intercooler and intake system to keep the engine cool, along with modified pistons and dual mode exhaust. A conservative estimate has the Alpine making the 0-60 mph run in just 3.6 seconds while producing 590 pound-feet of peak torque. The all-wheel xDrive system delivers the power precisely as needed to all four wheels, but with an emphasis on powering the rear wheels to deliver the cornering and nimbleness normally associated with conventional rear-drive cars. The Alpina has all-wheel steering with a more aggressive tune than available in other 7-Series cars. Car and Driver says the result of all this power and suspension is an “almost surreal driving experience.”

Design Shows Beauty Both Inside and Out

If you can get past the sleek outside with sculpted door panels, an aggressive sloping nose and functional rear spoiler, you’ll see that the Alpina is just as beautiful on the inside. Exclusive accents include an Alpine logo on the steering wheel, “Switch-Tronic” steering wheel shifters and a well-designed instrument cluster that changes as you switch driving modes. Sport mode makes the speed and gear information appear, while Comfort mode displays in a soothing blue. Put the Alpina in Eco Pro mode to get the standard BMW display. EcoPro is the most efficient driving mode, delivering an estimated 22.6 mpg combined in European testing. Official EPA mileage figures have not been released. For the ultimate in comfort to go along with an unbelievable driving experience, stay in touch with the pros at Chapman BMW on Camelback.