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Modern Gizmos Okay With Older Drivers

Although some senior citizens may have trouble getting on the Internet or don’t have the slightest idea what social media involves, new vehicle safety technology is okay with them. A recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology Age Lab study shows that drivers in the age range of 50 to 69 welcome at least one of seven identified technologies as long as it would make driving safer. The safety technologies, all of which you can see at Chapman BMW on Camelback, include adaptive cruise control, parking assistance, smart headlights, blind-spot warning, collision avoidance, back up cameras and lane departure warnings. Talk to your Phoenix BMW dealer for more information on how these technologies combine to reduce accidents and injuries.

Study Shows Drivers Want to Maintain Control

Older drivers are okay with some technology, but the study showed that they weren’t too keen with the idea of going to a totally autonomous vehicle. Seniors said they were worried they could become too dependent on features like parking assist or adaptive cruise control, which reduces the speed of your car in proportion to the car in front of you. MIT’s Age Lab has partnered with The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence to conduct research that will help everyone understand the problems of older drivers. The Hartford, a prominent national provider of auto insurance, has produced several guides related to older drivers that helps families start the conversation as to when it’s time to turn over the keys.

“We Need to Talk…” is Good Way to Broach Topic

Talking with your parents about losing a major part of their independence is never an easy thing to do. There comes a time when even the most technologically advanced vehicles, like the ones at Chapman BMW on Camelback, can’t make up for the reduced reaction time, poor eyesight and other problems that come with old age. The Hartford guide “We Need to Talk. Family Conversations with Older Drivers,” outlines the risks involved with older drivers. Topic covered include when to have the discussion, how the senior citizen might react, if there is a test a senior can take to prove road worthiness and what to do if the driver has dementia.

BMW Assist Sets Brand Apart

Along with all the sensor and camera-related safety features, BMW Assist is the technology that connects you with a response specialist in case an accident occurs. By using GPS, the specialist gets your exact location and can send first responders to help treat injuries and extricate people if necessary. Talk to the pros at your Phoenix BMW dealer about BMW assist and the other safety features that can help you feel comfortable about keeping your loved ones on the road.