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The BMW M-Series Difference

2015 BMW M3 sedan

The BMW M-Series performance cars have been at the pinnacle of German performance cars for decades. Designed to facilitate BMW’s racing program in the 1970s, the M-Series brand began to supplement BMW’s vehicle offerings with specialty modified higher-trim models.

What makes BMW’s M-Series so interesting when compared to other brands’ high-performance divisions, is how intertwined the M-Series brand is with BMW. Compared to Mercedes-Benz’s AMG lineup, BMW’s direct M-Series competitor, the M-Series aims to offer well balance high-performance sports cars. Mercedes’ AMG lineup takes quite a different route, aiming for brutally powerful sports cars that lack the balance BMW finesses into its M-Series.

There is also a historical difference between AMG and the M-Series. AMG was an independent engineering firm specializing in performance improvements for Mercedes. In 1990, DaimlerChrysler took a controlling interest in the company. In 2005, it became the sole owner of AMG.

Meanwhile, BMW’s M-Series division worked closely with the engineers designing the non-M-Series models. This allowed for greater integration and better engineering to slip in the base BMW models that would later allow them to be easily modified into high-performance machines.

In recent years, BMW has begun to dish out many of the M-Series goodies that were once exclusive to M-Series cars to its lesser models. This has brought about M-cars and M-badge cars within the BMW portfolio.

M-cars are the tried-and-true performance machines BMW is so famously known for building. M-badged cars offer some of the options only available to M-cars, but lack the performance exclusive to M-Series cars.

The BMW M-Series has a long history of making some of the greatest driver’s cars ever built. There is an M-Series trim available for every current road car BMW sells. The pinnacle of those efforts is the BMW M3 sedan. It is the sports car every other manufacturer aims for, and secretly wants to be.

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