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Electrified BMWs on Display at Auto Show

Plug-in Hybrids Pave Way for Lower Emissions

When the annual New York Auto Show opens its doors this April, consumers can expect to see an extensive line-up of BMW electrified vehicles. From the new 530e iPerformance sedan that races from zero to 60 mph in just over 6 seconds to the flagship hybrid 740e xDrive, BMW’s fleet of gas/electric hybrids is paving the way for a future with lower emissions. You can inspect and test drive the hybrid lineup for yourself when you visit Chapman BMW on Camelback.

3-Series Offers All-electric Speed up to 75 mph

If you’re looking for an affordable electric alternative vehicle that checks all the boxes of being an Ultimate Driving Machine, look at the BMW 330e iPerformance model. This plug-in hybrid pairs an electric motor with BMW’s TwinTurbo four-cylinder to deliver 248 horsepower and a snappy 310 pound-feet of torque. It has a top speed of 140 mph, with an all-electric top speed of 75 mph. If you need an SUV for hauling people or stuff, the BMW X5 xDrive 40e iPerformance pairs the 2.0L TwinTurbo engine with an electric motor to put out 332 pound feet of torque and 308 horsepower. This midsize SUV also includes BMW’s patented xDrive all-wheel drive system that automatically delivers power to any wheel losing traction.

Gas Models Deliver Even More Performance

BMW will have a number of gas-powered models on display at the New York Auto Show as well, including the 540i xDrive and M550i xDrive. Along with the unique all-wheel drive system, these two branches of the 5-Series tree utilize a chassis and body constructed of magnesium, aluminum and high-strength steel. That makes it 137 pounds lighter than the previous model year, which improves both performance and handling. The 540i xDrive features a six-cylinder engine that delivers 335 horsepower on the way to a top speed of 155 mph. The M550i xDrive comes from the BMW Motorsports division and utilizes an eight-cylinder engine to deliver 456 horsepower, a spine snapping 480 pound feet of torque and the ability to go from a stop to 60 mph in under four seconds.

M760i xDrive Delivers Performance and Pure Luxury

Take the flagship 7-Series sedan and place it in the hands of BMW’s Motorsports divisions and what do you get? A sophisticated luxury vehicle that has the performance and handling of a pure sports car. Talk to the folks at Chapman BMW on Camelback about getting a test drive in the M760i xDrive to see what it means to drive a premium vehicle that doesn’t skimp on get up and go. This version of the 7-Series features a 12-cylinder engine the produces 601 horsepower and an amazing 590 pound-feet of torque. It makes the sprint from 0 to 60 in just 3.6 seconds, but also features a number of driver assistance systems to keep you safe on the road.

BMW 5-Series Offers Unrivaled Performance

‘Business Person’s Sedan’ Offers Plenty of Thrills

Known as the business person’s sedan for its level of sophistication and refined design, the BMW 5-Series also offers drivers a phenomenal experience on the road. BMW says the 5-Series is “turbocharged sophistication.” The properly-equipped 5-Series sedan bolts from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds, or about the time it takes the guy in the next lane over to pick his jaw up off the floor. BMW cars didn’t get the name “Ultimate Driving Machine” by accident. The BMW 5-Series is another example of a sedan that does double duty as a superior handling vehicle masquerading as a sophisticated luxury car. Experience the phenomenon for yourself with a test drive at Chapman BMW on Camelback.

iDrive 6.0 Helps Keep Track of Important Stuff

Whether you’re looking for that one track of music that sets the mood for a road trip or need to find your way to the best barbecue joint in Arizona, BMW’s new iDrive 6.0 is the system that makes controlling all the new technology in your 5-Series a snap. The controller in the center console is the key to moving quickly through the menus, with buttons assigned to the four most common functions: navigation, telephone, radio and CD. Programmable buttons let you key in the most commonly used features, whether those are your favorite stations, telephone numbers or points on a map. An enhanced voice recognition system also lets you access a number of functions without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Lightweight Chassis Integrates With Powerful Engine Choices

Whether you choose the 530i with its remarkably powerful 4-cylinder engine or the 540i with the 3.0L inline 6-cylinder motor that pumps out 335 horsepower and a back cracking 332 pound feet of torque, the BMW 5-Series is engineered to provide a premium and fun driving experience. The chassis and body of the 5-Series is built with lightweight aluminum, magnesium and high-strength steel, designed to deliver awesome acceleration as well as diverting energy away from the cockpit in the event of a crash. It all comes together in a premium vehicle that handles well as you go through life’s paces, whether that’s during a daily commute or a weekend exorcism of some wild oats.

xDrive Delivers More Control

If you frequently drive through inclement weather, consider adding the xDrive to your new BMW 5-Series. xDrive is the intelligent four-wheel drive solution BMW uses to make sure each wheel has the necessary traction. See the entire 5-Series inventory and pick the one that’s right for you by taking a visit to Chapman BMW on Camelback.

BMW Sales Setting Records Across Globe

Follows Sixth Straight Banner Year

With 2016 in the books as a sixth-straight record setting sales year for BMW, the company has gotten off to its best start every in January by delivering 163,288 vehicles in all parts of the world. That’s an almost 7 percent increase from last January, boding well for the company and Chapman BMW on Camelback as the year progresses. “We’ve started the year well, building on the success of 2016,” according to BMW board member Dr. Ian Robertson. “We’re confident that the new models we’re bringing to market this year, especially the new generation BMW 5 Series which is about to arrive in dealerships, will ensure further momentum as the year goes on. We continue to focus on profitability and sustainable levels of growth distributed around the world.”

BMW Brand Leads the Way

BMW is the parent company of BMW automobiles, along with the Mini Cooper and Rolls Royce. Of the three, BMW had the greatest increase in sales this January, upping last year’s mark by 7.2 percent. The X1 compact SUV had the greatest increase in sales, jumping up more than 40 percent with sales totaling 20,059 units. The ultra luxury 7-Series was redesigned last year, contributing to an almost 30 percent increase in sales. The BMW electrified group also had a huge jump, with sales of the i and iPerformance line rising 116 percent. New electrified vehicle brands are coming this year, promising an even greater sales increase.

Electrified Vehicles Post Strong 2016 Sales

With more than 62,000 electrified vehicles delivered in 2016, the future looks bright for the BMW i and iPerformance lineup. Currently with seven different electrified models, BMW has committed more resources to alternative energy solutions than any other automaker. “The addition of new models has clearly driven up our sales of these innovative vehicles and we are delighted to see the 100,000th electrified BMW hit the road in November 2016,” Dr. Robertson said. “2016 also underlined that electro-mobility grows fastest in markets which actively support the uptake of the technology by offering the right blend of both customer incentives and public charging infrastructure.”

BMW Teaming Up For Self-Driving Car Project

The success of the sales division means BMW has the resources to look toward the future. The company is teaming up with Intel and Mobileye to put a fleet of 40 autonomous vehicles on the road by the second half of this year. The technology already available in the inventory at Chapman BMW on Camelback is the first stepping stone to creating a self-driving car that addresses the mobility problems of the next few years.

System Offers Free and Low-cost EV Charge

The ChargeNow by EVgo program delivers a public access charging program for Electric Vehicles (EVs) across the country at little or no cost, including access for those drivers who live in the Phoenix area. BMW owners of EVs and plug-in hybrids can access the charging stations, which now total almost 700 across the country. “The pace at which we have been making charging infrastructure partnership announcements recently shows that BMW continues to aggressively pursue the company’s commitment to our e-mobility customers, with our steadfast support for growing the public charging infrastructure across the U.S.,” according to BMW manager of eMobility, Cliff Fietzek. “Using our ChargeNow card, our BMW i3, i8 and iPerformance drivers now have access to the entire EVgo charging network. By supporting the continued growth of publicly available DC Fast charging across the U.S., BMW is helping more drivers make the switch to an e-mobility lifestyle with confidence.” If you’ve been interested in EV technology but haven’t made the switch, now’s the time to check out the inventory at Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Activate Your ChargeNow Card Today

Go to to activate your ChargeNow card, which you’ll find in the glovebox of your new BMW EV or plug-in hybrid. You can utilize the BMW Connected app on your smartphone to not only control the charging process, plan trips and get the most out of your electric driving experience, but you can also check your vehicle charge status remotely. There are eight charging stations conveniently located in the Phoenix/Casa Grande area and two more in Tucson. The ChargeNow program is also busy adding more DC charging stations, which cuts the time you need to spend bringing your BMW EV back up to optimal levels. “DC Fast charging provides EV drivers with range confidence and allows them to go farther in a shorter period of time – something leading EV manufacturers like BMW see as an advantage. We share BMW’s vision to make EV ownership more convenient by expanding the ChargeNow by EVgo program to include more of our strategically placed chargers near retail and dining,” said EVgo VP Rob Barrosa.

The Future of Mobility Starts with ‘i’

BMW is on the cutting edge of solving personal mobility problems of the near future with the introduction of the i-Series of vehicles. The i3 EV and i8 plug-in hybrid are the kingpins of the BMW eDrive platform. Running on pure electricity, the i3 gets up to 114 miles per charge, while the Range Extender brings that total to 180 miles, which is more than the traditional commuter will drive in a week. The BMW i8 is a totally different animal, offering a true sports car experience with a twin-turbo engine working together with an electric motor for supreme efficiency. Take a look at the i-Series and the rest of the BMW electric lineup when you take some time for a trip to Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Let Sporty Z4 Liberate Your Lifestyle

Let it be the Wind Beneath Your Wings

Envision this scenario: It’s a sunny spring day in Arizona and you decide to go for a drive in the mountains. You sit in your new BMW Z4 Roadster and turn the key. The engine rumbles to life. After fastening your seatbelt, you drop the top and get out on the highway. You feel the power as you shift through the gears while enjoying the sun on your arms and forehead. The wind is cool, but not as cool as you as you maneuver through the congestion on the Valley freeways and hit the open road. Once there, it’s only you, the sun and the wind as you put your Z4 through its paces. All that’s standing between you and this idyllic situation is a trip to Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Iconic Z4 Outshines the Competition

There may be cheaper roadsters on the market, but none outshine the performance and driveability of the BMW Z4. With a hardtop that can go up or down in as little as 19 seconds, you can choose to let mother nature in on your drive or keep her an arm’s distance away. The beauty of the Z4 design is only overshadowed by its legendary performance. Whether you choose the sDrive 28i with a 4-cylinder turbo that produces 240 horses, the 35i with a 6 cylinder that pumps out 300 horsepower, or the 35is with direct injection that increases low-end torque, you’ll find the Z4 has plenty of pep for whatever challenges you want to tackle. Combined with near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution, the rear wheel drive system of the Z4 provides increased traction as the thrust moves all the weight rearward.

Don’t Sacrifice Performance for Comfort

There are some sports cars that are fun to drive, but leave you feeling like you’ve been through the tumble dry cycle at the local laundromat. The Z4 isn’t one of those cars. The cabin is so comfortable you might just want to spend the night. Luxurious leather seats and sophisticated appointments are what owning a premium vehicle are all about. The circular cluster of instruments is classic BMW, putting all the vehicle information you’ll need within easy sight. Although the base stereo is excellent, opt for the premium sound package and you’ll find yourself bathed in concert quality sound with an amplifier that’s adjustable to your specifications. See how special the BMW Z4 is to drive by taking a trip to Chapman BMW on Camelback.  It’s an excellent way to increase the joy factor in your life.