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BMW Offering Limited 30 Jahre M3 Edition

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30-year Anniversary of First M3

When the very first BMW M3 rolled off the line back in 1986, it was designed and built to compete at the highest level of the European race circuit. Now some 30 years later, the Limited Edition “30 Jahre M3,” which translates to “30 Years M3,” is being released in very small production numbers to honor the legacy of its ancestor. Only 500 of these special BMWs will be produced, but only 150 of those are coming to the United States. Talk to the pros at Chapman BMW on Camelback now if you hope to have any chance of landing one of these future collector’s items.

Historic Macao Blue Provides Spark of Color

The new 30 Jahre M3 will feature a sophisticated paint job in Macao Blue metallic, a color exclusive to the BMW brand. Originally unveiled as the color for the first Sport Evo BMW M3, the distinctive blue adds a touch of class to this special edition. The Jahre M3 will include the dynamic driving enhancements included in the special Competition Package. This option was exclusive to the M5 and M6 and features a performance boost and modified chassis suspension. Enhanced driving precision, whether on the road or the track is the result of the modifications, making your Jahre M3 a thrilling everyday driver or weekend racer.

Classy Interior What You Expect

When you buy any BMW M3, you expect a bit of refinement a cut above all other cars. The 30 Jahre M3 doesn’t disappoint, with a Merino leather interior of black and blue with contrasting stitching. Special badging adorns the interior in several areas, including embroidered front head rests. The BMW heads up display, infotainment system with concert quality sound, and ergonomically positioned controls are all part of this collector’s package. A heated steering wheel, heated seats, wireless charging and LED lights are also included.

Drivers Assistance Package All Standard

When you buy the 30 Jahre M3, you get the Driver Assistance Package which includes a whole suite of sensor and camera-supported aids to help keep you and your passengers safe. Active Blind Spot Detection lets you know if someone is lurking in those hidden areas of your mirrors. Park Distance Control alerts you if you’re about to bump into an obstacle, while a 360 degree birds-eye view gives you a look of everything around your entire car. With only 150 of these special M3s coming to the United States, the time is now to contact Chapman BMW on Camelback to see how you can be one of the first to drive one home.


Only 50 Units Available in United States

Head over to Chapman BMW on Camelback now if you have any hopes of securing one of the 50 BMW 5-Series Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition sedans being produced for the United States. “M” stands for Motorsports in BMW parlance, meaning this M5 reaps the benefits of the technology and lessons learned from decades on the European race tour. In addition, the Pure Metal Silver M5 also has a boosted output of 600 horsepower that generates 516 pound-feet of torque. Hold onto your hat as this M5, one of the most powerful vehicles ever built by BMW, launches from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds.

Unique Paint Job Turns Heads

Exclusive to this brand and model, the Pure Metal Silver paint job is the result of a layering process that creates shadows that move as you view the car from different angles. By combining a special pigment with water-based paint and thousands of silver flakes, the new M5 sports a gleaming surface that is uniform across the exterior. To create the perfect paint job is both time-consuming and a departure from the normal production process. First the vehicle is removed from the line, then inspected three times for any imperfections. A Glacier Silver base coat is then applied to this special BMW 5-Series before the vehicle is cleaned again and painters apply the Pure Metal Silver coat.

Interior Just as Special as Outside

Fine craftsmanship and the use of superior materials like full leather Merino surfaces and brushed aluminum give the Pure Metal Silver M5 a sophisticated, luxurious interior that is just as beautiful as the paint job. Multifunctional seats with a variety of controls keep the driver and passenger secure and in place when unleashing those 600 horses on the track or road. As expected, this M5 includes the BMW Heads-up display, driving assistant, navigation with real-time traffic information and keyless entry.

Driving Stability Systems Help Control Power

Six hundred horses is a lot of power for any vehicle, but the driving stability systems on the Pure Metal Silver M5 help you keep the car under control. Along with anti-lock brakes, stability control and corner braking control, the sporty sedan also has dynamic damper control which takes readings each millisecond and adjusts the handling based on speed and conditions. The BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition is sure to be a collector’s item based on its limited run and unusual look. Talk to the pros at Chapman BMW on Camelback about getting your name on the list before they are all gone.

330e is the Hybrid That’s Fun to Drive


Hybrid Doesn’t Necessarily Mean No Fun

If you’ve owned a hybrid or talked to other owners, you might be of the opinion that while they are great for the environment and save you a fortune on gas, the typical hybrid offers little incentive for those who enjoy letting their hair down on occasion with a spirited run on a challenging road. Enter the 2016 BMW 330e, a plug-in hybrid with a 180-horsepower motor that integrates with an 87-horsepower electric engine to deliver plenty of performance. Hit the eDrive button to run solely on electric power, hitting speeds up to 75 mph. When the time comes to summon a little more power, such as merging onto a freeway or passing a truck on a hill, just push a little harder on the accelerator and the gas engine fires up automatically. Check in with the pros at Chapman BMW on Camelback to see when you can schedule a test drive.

330e Builds on 40 Years of Tradition

The BMW 330e plug-in hybrid is not a case of a company reinventing the wheel. The automaker is building on 40 years of BMW 3-Series sedan production as one of the most popular entry-level sport/luxury sedans in the world. Utilizing its expertise from the European racing circuit, BMW has redesigned the 3-Series suspension, with precision front strut tower, new technology for rear dampers and even more suspension points than before. The almost perfect 50/50 weight distribution helps maintain control at high speeds to make you believe that a tight corner is just something else to be tamed.

As Expected, 330e Loaded With Features

Just because the engineers were busy creating some new plug-in technology doesn’t mean they ignored all the goodies that make a BMW the ultimate driving machine. Head over to Chapman BMW on Camelback when the new 330e arrives to see just how many standard features make this vehicle special. Both the driver and passenger will enjoy the plush 10-way power seats with adjustable side bolsters. The push of a button delivers your choice of ECO PRO, COMFORT, SPORT and SPORT + drive settings to adjust the throttle and suspension according to your desire and road conditions. A 6.5-inch touchscreen control the i-Drive infotainment system to deliver superior stereo performance and hands-free communication. A load of safety features, superior design and materials in the cockpit and keyless ignition are just some other features to enjoy.

BMW Already Planning for Next 100 Years

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First 100 Years was Great, Next Will be Better

As it celebrates its 100th birthday this year, BMW is already hard at work mapping out the next 100 years. Just as automobiles have advanced dramatically from the chain-driven coaches that had to back up hills in the early 1900s, expect even more sensational changes in the next century. BMW has already undergone many changes in the last century, starting out making aircraft engines and then morphing into a motorcycle and luxury car manufacturer. In doing so, the bosses at BMW have never stopped looking ahead and have big plans for the upcoming decades. See the fruit of their labors in the dynamic driving machines available for a test drive at your Phoenix BMW dealer, Chapman BMW on Camelback.

Mobility, Connectivity and Technology Big Parts of Future

As the push continues to create self-driving cars, mobility, connectivity and technology are all areas that require close attention. People have more choices in mobility now than ever before, whether they own a car, are in a car-sharing plan, take public transportation or utilize a rideshare service. BMW aims to help shape the future of mobility in many ways. One recent project is a car-sharing program utilizing Mini-Coopers that has seen great success. Connectivity is something that people have come to expect in their vehicles. Many new cars are now rolling Wi-Fi hotspots, offering drivers and their passengers uninterrupted connection to their friends, work and social media. Technology is a tricky area that can quickly exceed consumers’ interest. It’s important for new tech items to be both useful and user friendly. Developing complicated features that no one wants or uses doesn’t benefit anyone.

Personalized Vehicles Meet Your Every Need

It won’t be long before most vehicles become self-driving, raising the question why someone needs an ultimate driving machine if they aren’t going to drive it? BMW is working on a way to create highly personalized vehicles that meet your every need. “If, as a designer, you are able to imagine something, there’s a good chance it could one day become reality. So our objective with the BMW Vision Next 100 was to develop a future scenario that people would engage with,” said Adrian van Hooydonk, head of BMW design. “My personal view is that technology should be as intuitive as possible to operate and experience so that future interactions between human, machine and surroundings become seamless.” Many vehicles on the Chapman BMW on Camelback sales lot are already loaded with intuitive technology, particularly in the field of driver assistance safety features. Look for more technology to come in the next few years as the march toward autonomous vehicles continues.

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Ultimate Driving Machine Starts With Weight Disbursement

By almost perfectly splitting the weight of each vehicle over the front and rear axles, BMW creates its signature driving feel and earns the title “Ultimate Driving Machine.” The 50/50 weight distribution creates more control, while also providing a premium driving experience through greater agility and predictability. Safety is also enhanced with the lack of body roll and drift that usually come with less balanced vehicles. It’s not easy to create a perfectly balanced car, but BMW engineers always find a way, frequently by cutting weight to create a more efficient car. See how the 50/50 weight distribution improves handling by taking a test drive at Chapman BMW on Camelback, your Phoenix BMW dealer.

Additional Technology Creates Superior Handling

Along with the weight distribution, BMW has taken advantage of all its racing expertise and implemented many different features that improve handling and control into its stock production vehicles. Active roll stabilization, four wheel independent suspension and electronic damping control are three ways in which BMW keeps you in control of the vehicle when conditions get dicey. Active roll stabilization reduces body lean when taking corners at high speed. This keeps the vehicle more level and gives the driver the ability to stay on the road. Electronic damping control utilizes sensors to analyze driving conditions and automatically adjust shock absorber settings. This not only gives greater control, but a much more comfortable ride. BMW achieves maximum stability by incorporating independent suspension at each wheel. This keeps the rubber in touch with the road and the driver in control of the vehicle and safely on the asphalt.

Aluminum Suspension Reduces Weight

By incorporating an aluminum suspension system, the BMW engineers have cut down on “unsprung” weight to create a better quality ride and superior handling. The aluminum sub frame is a clever way to cut down on weight without sacrificing strength or safety. The chassis is 85 percent steel, providing a safe foundation for your Ultimate Driving Machine. Another factor that goes into the BMW handling equation is the All-Season Traction component of Dynamic Stability Control. Sensors continually evaluate data as to road conditions, then deliver power to the appropriate wheel. The system also tells the engine to reduce torque and apply braking to keep wheel spin under control. Talk to the pros at Chapman BMW on Camelback to see all the ways a BMW can make your driving experience more enjoyable.